MrIvanPlays API

List of API requests available

It looks like you've hit a request which doesn't exist or typed only "". That's why we're listing all available requests down bellow

TEMPORARILY DISABLED[resource id] - downloads the spigot resource with the specified id (latest version). This is a thread-blocking request! Run it always on asynchronous threads.
A successful request will give you a input stream of the jar.
Error responses:
{"error": 404, "message": "Invalid resource id '[insert invalid resource id here]'"}
{"error": 404, "message": "Resource cannot be found on spigot"}
{"error": 403, "message": "Resource is premium"}
{"error": 403, "message": "Cannot download resource which has external download link."}
{"error": 403, "message": "Resource name invalid."} - retrieves the count of trees that are being planted by

Examples of successful requests:

Example request url:
The specified link will output this:


Example request url:
The specified link will output pretty printed json response (easier to read for humans).
Error responses:
{"success": false, "error": 503, "message": " is being overloaded with traffic"}
{"success": false, "error": 408, "message": " timed out"}
{"success": false, "error": 400, "message": "Other error occurred while trying to retrieve data"}